Camron Ra 2020

Upgrade America

The world seems to believe you must be a billionaire to run for President of the United States. Many think it’s required that you attend Harvard or Yale to petition for this office. Some just feel it’s impossible. I’m Camron Ra, a millennial, US Air Force, Security Forces Veteran with medals from Operation Iraqi Freedom. After honorably separating from the military, I transitioned to IT consultancy. Currently, I hold a business system analyst and management position within a Fortune 500 company. I’ve been awarded a world-class military education and a bachelors in business administration. I am a small business owner, published game developer and author, podcast host, executive producer as well as a 2020 Presidential Candidate.

Why I’m Running

I’m running for my health…and yours too! I’m running to upgrade healthcare for the 44,000 American’s dying every year without coverage. Let’s do something for the 38 million people with inefficient insurance. Let’s end homeless, hunger and substantially reduce pollution in America. I’m running to give the poor and middle class a 4-year break by lowering their progressive taxes. We’re also going to create additional tax brackets for incomes exceeding $1.5 million. Moreover, we need a solid plan of action for the millions of Americans that will lose their jobs to self-driving cars, automation, and artificial intelligence. We need more holidays! Most importantly, I’m running to show you that you can do it too! I want to encourage and instruct millennials to run in future elections. America needs a strong independent candidate to represent the needs of the people. The Ra administration has some radical new ideas to upgrade America! Will you take the journey with us to the White House? Camron Ra 2020- Upgrade America

Land of the Free

When you view America as an entity, when you personify her, you can’t help but fall in love with our great nation. How could you not fall head over heels for her beauty? Her shores, her hills, her mountains, and valleys. Perhaps the American people are the Crown Jewels of the land of the free. This marvelous melting pot of culture and diversity.  We are America. We the people. Who better to represent you than one of your own. America is great and we’re going to make it even better! Its time to Upgrade America! – Vote Camron Ra 2020


My administration has a strategy to consolidate the nations excess plastic and use it to build the largest homeless shelter in the world. The plan also includes a volunteer hospital and onsite hydroponic farm to feed the homeless and the nation. We want to do it in Death Valley. So we might as well add the world’s largest solar plant to the list. Kenedy went to the moon, we also choose to go Skyward. Standby for further details! – Camron Ra 2020

Next Steps…

You are the lifeblood of this campaign. We can’t make it without your support. Please contribute to the movement. Thanks!

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