Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some of the frequently asked questions the Ra administration encounters. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out at

What political party are you with?

I am running independently and am unaffiliated with any political parties.

What are your policies 

In order to clearly communicate the Ra Administration’s policies, my team has put together an ebook outlining our initiatives. Please check out the policy page for more details.

What are your thoughts on the current administration?

The sitting President has preserved law and order. Our great nation is far from anarchy. The US dollar still has some value and the economy appears robust. President Trump has done a fine job in securing freedom and American liberties. Where we feel the administration has fallen short is in addressing healthcare, homelessness, hunger, reparations and racial justice, police brutality and global warming. These are issues the Ra Administration has bold new approaches for. America is great, we’re gonna make it better!

How can I contribute?

Your contributions are the lifeblood of our campaign. Single payments are great, subscriptions are even better! There’s no price on volunteer efforts. Every bit counts! The easiest free way to support our movement is to send us content at Send a short video telling us what you love about America and what you would change or why you would vote for Camron Ra.

Do you think you stand a chance?

Yes, of course! I grew up in an education system with teachers that said I would never be President. Yet, there were many great teachers that taught me never say never. In this wondrous 21st Century with internet, social media and crowdfunding, we have incredible resources at our fingertips. If orchestrated by a mastermind, the impossible becomes just another box to check.

Are you serious? 

Indubitably. Yes, I am very sincere. Be that as it may, I’m Camron Ra, not a politician. I’ll never win that game, even if I cut my hair and wear a very nice suit. Much like our founding fathers, we’re going to use unconventional means for our campaign. While I promise to provide effective policies that will positively impact the people…I’m going to have fun doing it! Please bear with me…I’m goofy but very serious.